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How to Develop a Custom CRM System for Small Businesses

How to Develop a Custom CRM System for Small Businesses 1 Comment
Customer management is key to a sustainable business

Customer relations management systems or CRM are vital for any modern entrepreneur. It is impossible to envisage a business without a CRM system put in place. Contemporary entrepreneurs use customer relations management to drive sales operations, lead generation and customer complete invoicing.

In fact, CRM makes it possible for a business to resolve customer related issues and manage returns professionally.

Different customer relations management systems are usually tailored for different businesses sizes, levels of industries and enterprises. It is important to choose a custom made CRM system that goes as per the size of your business.

There are so many different types of ready-made custom relations management systems that are process automated for companies of different sizes. Despite the existence of these ready-made solutions CRM systems, it is important for small and mid-sized businesses to develop their own custom CRM system.

This blog post explains how to develop a custom CRM system for your small business.

Factors to Consider When Building a Custom CRM for your Small Business

Key factors to consider for CRM

How Complex Is The CRM?

Your set of business requirements will influence the type of CRM you build. Depending on the specification, size and functions of the business, the type of technology set that will be implemented will vary. You have to choose a framework that works.


The analytical tools in your CRM system should blend well with your business sales processes, leads and profit margins. Additionally, you should consider porting additional resources with your system. For instance you might need to integrate the CRM with telephony, accounting software, mail etc.

How Flexible Is It?

An effective CRB system should adapt to changing technology, give room for scalability and allow system configurations that work with changes in your business. A perfect customer relations management system should be intuitive and flexible.


Make sure that the customer relations management system is convenient and does not keep customers waiting and searching. The user should be comfortable to create analytic reports and communicating with the business directly.

How Reliable Is It?

Make sure the CRM system takes into account the privacy and security of user data, as well as taking care of the different levels of access for various user groups. 

What Are The Objectives of the CRM System?

Define the objective s of the CRM system

Before you create a CRM system for your small business, make sure you define the goals and objectives of the CRM system. Have a clear set of requirements will help create a system that works for your business.

What Is the Scope of the CRM System?

The scope of the CRM system is usually categorized into two; Interactions with customers and interaction with employees.

Interactions with customers

Basically, interactions with customers can be initiated through email correspondence, telephony, meetings, messages and notifications. Therefore, the system should be implemented with an SMS service, telephony or email template. Additionally, the system should be ported with a base of customer names, addresses, and filters. Note that the system should have the ability to generate reports.

Interactions with employees

On the other hand, we have interactions with employees. The CRM should offer employees with an avenue that they schedule workloads effectively, plan working hours and put in places functions that work in hand with business operations.

Why Use A CRM System?

With a great CRM system, you will transform your business to a whole new level. You will improve the efficiency of your business and returns will increase dramatically.

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