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Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs a Blog

Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs a Blog 7 Comments

ecommerce blogWhen running an ecommerce website, it is easy to get caught up in conversion rates and traffic numbers. However, if you do not work to improve the overall quality of your website, you may notice that your revenue numbers will start to struggle. There are many benefits associated with placing a blog on your ecommerce website such an increase in traffic, increased conversion rate and improved revenue figures from increased customer loyalty.

Increased Traffic

One of the biggest reasons for installing a blog on your ecommerce website is to increase the amount of traffic your website receives. With each post you put up on your blog, you are able to target a new keyword with your SEO efforts. When you gain a first page ranking for those keywords, you will notice a large spike in traffic to your website. This can only mean good things for your revenue figures as an increase in traffic to your ecommerce site should result in more sales.

Increased Conversions

One reason why an increase in traffic, even if it is to a blog post, is important for an ecommerce website is the increased number of sales you can expect with this increased traffic. While some of the traffic that will visit your blog may not be looking to make a purchase at that very moment, you can increase your conversion rate based on the content you post to your blog.

Blog entries give you the opportunity to pre-sell your visitors on a specific product you carry in your online store. Telling your visitors why they need to purchase a certain product before sending them to your product pages can have a dramatic effect on your conversion rates. Adding just a few extra sales a month can make all of the time, money and effort spent on creating your blog well worth it.

Build Customer Loyalty

Ecommerce blogs also help you build customer loyalty. By providing your visitors with interesting, engaging content on your blog, you will position yourself as an industry expert. An ecommerce blog is a great place to show your visitors how they can improve their lives by purchasing your products or provide them with other beneficial tips they can use throughout their daily lives.

When you provide additional value to your website’s visitors through excellent content on your blog, you will increase the chances of that person coming back to your website to read what else you have written. This opportunity to build a loyal following of customers through highly valuable blog content is a great way to create brand loyalty for your ecommerce website. Once you have a few loyal customers, you can expect them to start advertising your website via word of mouth for you, further increasing the number of visitors your ecommerce website sees.

Adding a blog to your ecommerce website can be very beneficial to the overall success of your company. A blog will help you increase traffic by appearing in the search engine results, improve your conversion rate because you are able to pre-sell your visitors before they visit your product page, and allow you to create loyal customers by providing them with valuable content that affects their lives.


Written by Jeremy Ryan

Jeremy Ryan is an e-commerce consultant and has offered his expertise to some of the leading ecommerce portals. He is also an avid blogger and frequently writes for few of the most prominent ecommerce blogs.



  1. I say all sites need a blog! It’s a great way to convert your traffic!

  2. I think more than anything, having a blog simply gives you more content to promote and therefore gives you more ways of getting visibility.

    A blog is also a great way of showing other people that you are an expert in your field and that your product or service probably solves a problem in your niche perfectly.

  3. Having a blog is a must and agree to what you said Jeremy. But of course it doesn’t end there you have to make sure that you have spread over the internet your blog so that many people can read it. In addition with this, go for the quality contents.

  4. Hi Jeremy,
    I agree that ecommerce sites must at least have a blog too as it brings many benefits such as increased traffic and it also encourages more sales from new visitors who are looking for some products/services that you might be offering. Simple yet straight to the point post. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Some really informative tips. Thanks a lot. Having a blog on your ecommerce site definitely helps as it helps to connect with your customers in an effective manner. There are various things that you can do once you have a blog section setup on your ecommerce site. You can have a blog post that lists out the the latest reviews about newly launched products and asking for feedback on the same or you can have a blog post about comparing various service providers and so on.

    Also if an ecommerce site is about to launch something new, a couple of posts building up suspense to the new product launch can be published. These are just a few ideas to experiment with. Ultimately what matters is how well you can keep your customer engaged.

  6. Ecommerce site plus own blog is equal to overall success of website. Frankly, this combination is proven by some ecommerce sites who had added blogs to their website.

  7. E-commerce websites really needs a blog in order to be visible in the Internet world. But make sure that the content of your blog is readable and interesting. You can have your blog post about your latest products or services and get some comments from your customers. It can give you an idea on how to improve your products or services. I can say that having a blog in your e-commerce website has a great benefit in your future success.

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