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What draws a reader, or customer, to a website? Is it functionality, or useful information? Websites have grown, since their inception, into media-powerhouses, community-driven news sites, and booming billion-dollar businesses — take a look at Amazon. Most business websites record performance by examining metrics, including click-through rates, to measure customer […]

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Here are six blog design tips that are not only SEO friendly, but they will help you to thrill your readers and have them coming back for more. Tips one, two and three are aimed at attracting and keeping new viewers. They are tips that will help you lower your […]

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Without understanding the art of website designing, it is not possible to design a proper website. Website is an interface between you and your customers that’s why you should always try to analyze the design of your site from a customer’s prospective to create a striking design. But there is […]

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It’s a debate we have been having for a little while, as we often see better SEO results from newer, fresher, simpler and less complicated websites than those are starting to get a little bit outdated. So we decided to see whether we could find anyone else who would back […]

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When needing a website, many people ask themselves whether they should hire a professional to design their site or tackle it alone. With all of the free busines, blog, ecommerce templates and other resources online, it may seem that designing it alone is a better option than going to the expense of […]

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