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Web content developers are the support line of the online business industry. Even a small time blogger needs the help of an online writer ocassionally to draft blog posts, isn’t it? Perhaps you have already been through the rigours and sometimes the nightmarish process of hiring writers on from freelance […]

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We’re in an age of infographics; you can’t visit a popular website of any genre without coming across one. While the huge demand for infographics has led to an increase in volume of the innovative learning tool, it’s also caused a downsizing in their overall quality. Every graphic designer thinks […]

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One of the biggest challenges for writers who are starting to write web content is unlearning everything they’ve been taught about ‘quality writing.’  In school, they tell you that big words, grammatical perfection, and formal tone are the best ways to write.  The world of web content writing is completely […]

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