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If someone had told me that in five years time I would be liking, tweeting, pinning, digging, tagging, chiming, stumbling, and tumbling, I would have thought they were on drugs, or that in five years time I might be on drugs, because of all the weird things I will be […]

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Pinterest is only 2 years old but it has 12 million users (and growing rapidly) with a number of daily visits to die for. Today Pinterest is the ‘It’ social photo sharing site that began in 2009 by Ben Silbermann and was operated from a tiny apartment until the summer […]

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Pinterest has officially caught on. With more than 10 million unique visitors each week and millions of active users, the photo sharing website has established itself as more than a flavor of the month. Whether users are drawn to its unique user interface or just the utility of the site, […]

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When it comes to setting up a social media profile for your business, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or another social media platform, two things are essential for success: 1.Having good, useful content to share 2.Having a following interested in what you do Unfortunately, a bit of a ‘chicken […]

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Social Media on all levels is about communication. When we communicate in person, we use both words and actions. The inflections and pauses you add to your words combine with facial expressions and hand gestures to relay your message. In a face-to-face conversation you can gauge the reaction and understanding […]

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Moving away from marketing The arrival of social media as a communications channel for brands has generally been dominated as a way to publish marketing messages. While using social networks as a way to engage in conversations with customers has been a very successful approach, the truth is that social […]

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Email marketing was perhaps the original online marketing in a sense. We can learn many lessons from social networking and social media marketing and apply them to our email subscription strategy. In many ways, email marketing is very similar to Twitter and Facebook marketing. We could consider email marketing as […]

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Google Plus is one of the newest social networking sites, although it is quickly working it’s way to the top. Because it is so new, it offers many features that are different from some of the other social networking sites that have been around for a longer period of time. […]

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Capitalizing on Social Media Success After building a successful Twitter presence, many companies find the need to explore other social media applications and create another presence in say LinkedIn or Facebook. Perhaps it is to reach a new audience, saturate your current audience or to promote a different division of […]

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