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Interactivity is what marketing is about since pretty much all of use social networks. Pretty much all of the most successful social media campaigns relied on input from social media followers. Here are just a few – the best of the best of 2013: Heineken Departure Rulette Imagine this scenario: […]

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Are you ready to launch into social media marketing on platforms that draw hundreds of thousands of users each day? Perhaps you’ve already jumped in and are now wondering how you’re going to track success. There are several questions to consider as you set up analytics to monitor the growth […]

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You don’t need to be a sports nut to recognize the name Mark Cuban. He is the high-profile owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, and can be seen in a wide multitude of media outlets. The latest happening with Cuban’s name all over it concerns a brush that he […]

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If you are a freelancer, it is important that potential clients can easily find you if they need your services. You may not be able to afford the most sophisticated search engine optimized, high-speed website, but you can still make your basic contact information easy to find. The fact is […]

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If someone had told me that in five years time I would be liking, tweeting, pinning, digging, tagging, chiming, stumbling, and tumbling, I would have thought they were on drugs, or that in five years time I might be on drugs, because of all the weird things I will be […]

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Facebook may be one of the most talked about companies on the planet right now, rocketing its way to one billion users, but its shakey IPO a couple of months ago, and subsequent lacklustre stock valuation, has certainly revealed a chink in the armour. Suddenly the social network that could […]

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The hottest way to market your company currently is through social media marketing. But is social media marketing doomed? According to many recent news reports, yes. So should you just abandon this marketing avenue altogether or keep up your current plan? One of the biggest misconceptions regarding social media marketing […]

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A social media site should be tailor-made to serve your small business, just as with business cards or any other marketing media. It should accentuate your assets as a lean and mean pleasing machine. Think of John Travolta’s character Tony Manero and his disco duds in Saturday Night Fever. Remember […]

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Social media has become a standard tool for many businesses, but few know how to leverage it for best results. It is often considered an afterthought or something to do every now and then, but a proper social media plan is crucial to growing your business. Here are 10 social […]

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