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Pinterest has officially caught on. With more than 10 million unique visitors each week and millions of active users, the photo sharing website has established itself as more than a flavor of the month. Whether users are drawn to its unique user interface or just the utility of the site, […]

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When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter whether something is right or wrong.  Once it is, then it is, and that’s it. For a long time Microsoft’s hold on the PC market gave IE a decided advantage and thus all of my clients had IE optimized websites. […]

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The value of the World Wide Web is increasing exponentially by the day as far as marketers are concerned. The ease and speed that it offers in connecting a company with customers, existing and potential, are tremendous. It is in this light that the two terms, SEO (search engine optimization) […]

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Social media marketing has become an important part of any successful online business. They are important for offline businesses as well, but critical to an online business. Because it’s a relatively new concept very few companies effectively use it in their marketing efforts. Most business owners create their profiles in […]

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Now that Google+ Pages for businesses have arrived, you may be wondering, “why does my business need to get involved with yet another social platform?” I can give the short answer in one word — ubiquity. Google is everywhere, and Google+ is tightly integrated into the company’s most commonly used offerings. There’s […]

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So you have content you want to share, and everyone says Facebook and Twitter are the ways to go. But what else? Are there any other sites out there worth signing up with to share your content? Of course, there are probably hundreds, but most aren’t worth your time. Below […]

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Search engine optimization or SEO is now an unavoidable task for website owners. You need to get your website optimized for popular search engines if you want to generate maximum opportunities from your website. You can get a great website with all the features but what is the use if […]

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If you have a website or blog and are not actively using Facebook to drive traffic or using it (more importantly) to increase interaction with your site, then you are missing out on a great resource. Ever since the Panda update to Google’s algorithm user interaction has become an increasingly […]

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Now that Google has released its challenge to Facebook, Google+, the search giant is positioned to fully integrate social media conversation and relevance in the search algorithm. Given the weight they appear to be extending to social shares, any SEO plan for the future has to include a social media […]

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