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The fact that no one wants to admit in public is that content marketing can be hard, really hard, so-hard-it-will-actually-discourage-you hard. And getting started is the toughest challenge of them all. But don’t worry, I’m not saying all this to make you scared of trying it out. Once you get moving forward and have your initial campaign behind you, things start to get a lot more straightforward and much clearer.

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A social media site should be tailor-made to serve your small business, just as with business cards or any other marketing media. It should accentuate your assets as a lean and mean pleasing machine. Think of John Travolta’s character Tony Manero and his disco duds in Saturday Night Fever. Remember […]

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We all know that it takes a lot of hard work and money to make an online business successful. Entrepreneurs are hard-working risk takers, so the resolve to pull long hours in the face of unfavorable odds isn’t hard to muster. Coming up with the dough you need to pay […]

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It used to be that SEO levelled the playing field and allowed small companies to compete with major corporations. But now those corporations are ploughing huge resources into their own SEO and it’s a lot harder. So how can smaller fish make a big splash in such a crowded pond? […]

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Change, irrespective of context, is a wonderful thing in that it never occurs in a linear fashion. As change embarks upon its trajectory through the system, nothing it touches remains static; themselves being swept up by the change and having an effect on those around it. This can be applied […]

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SEO for Small Businesses SEO practices for small business should involve a number of simple steps which need only take a little time and effort without costing anything. Search engine optimisation involves building a website that is easily accessed and navigated by search engine robots (crawled) and structured in a […]

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