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Optimizing your website for SEO is absolutely essential in an age where nearly all of your audience is online and all of your competitors are, too. But even if you think you are doing everything right, there are a few things that your SEO strategy could be overlooking. Learn more […]

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SEO is a fantastic tool for any webmaster hoping to make some money, and the most beautiful part of it, is the simple fact that it needn’t cost you anything. This means that even the smallest start up or loneliest entrepreneur can compete with the big guns and get their […]

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There’s no question that search engine optimization is an invaluable tool for boosting a business’s web traffic and overall visibility. The thing is, Google is getting smarter, and so without employing techniques with moderation, you may find yourself in worse position than when you started. Top SEO companies know that to […]

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Last year, Google’s Panda update created a storm of hurricane-like proportions in the world of search engine optimisation. After the cataclysm many websites were left sailing low in the water while others were catapulted to the warm tropical waters of page 1. Then all was quiet… for a while. We […]

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Search engine optimization may not be a magic formula for successful online marketing, but it surely is now one of the fundamentals to ensure success. From the days when it was more about gaming the system imposed by search engines, it has now become a sensible way to market a […]

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SEO without keyword research is like a sandwich without bread. Yes, keyword research, like bread, is a little dull, but the better the bread, the better the sandwich. I realise I’m at risk of stretching this bread metaphor a little too far, but the point is that keyword research – […]

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Apart from your client’s SEO projects, have you thought about your own company’s website SEO? It is no doubt just as important as search engine optimization for your clients’ sites. Let’s find out some of the ways you can boost your own company’s SEO process. First of all, decide with […]

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SEO for Small Businesses SEO practices for small business should involve a number of simple steps which need only take a little time and effort without costing anything. Search engine optimisation involves building a website that is easily accessed and navigated by search engine robots (crawled) and structured in a […]

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When starting a business you have so many different things to consider, from finding suppliers, financing, managing customers and maybe even staff. Whatever your business though one thing is for sure; you will need to find customers & the obvious place to start is online. Unfortunately, there are so many […]

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