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Let’s play a little game. If you tell me what device you are using, I will guess who your best friend is. Don’t believe me? Okay, how many times today have you said “Ok Google” or asked Siri something? Probably every time you wanted to search for something online on […]

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It’s a debate we have been having for a little while, as we often see better SEO results from newer, fresher, simpler and less complicated websites than those are starting to get a little bit outdated. So we decided to see whether we could find anyone else who would back […]

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Understanding the Purpose of SEO: When it comes to investing in SEO, quite rightly many business owners are hesitant to part with a  percentage of their marketing budget when results can’t be 100% guaranteed. While I don’t want to overload you with statistics too early on, these are far too […]

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Do you have a brick-and-mortar business that you’re trying to promote online? If so, you could be missing out on a lot of online traffic if you haven’t taken advantage of all the benefits Google Places offers for local business. If you’re new to Google Places, here are a few […]

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Search engine optimization used to be so easy. It seems like just a couple of years ago you could just plug in some keywords you got from Google Keyword Tools, get some low quality links, and you would be ranking in no time. That is not the case anymore. The […]

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Search engine optimization may not be a magic formula for successful online marketing, but it surely is now one of the fundamentals to ensure success. From the days when it was more about gaming the system imposed by search engines, it has now become a sensible way to market a […]

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Apart from your client’s SEO projects, have you thought about your own company’s website SEO? It is no doubt just as important as search engine optimization for your clients’ sites. Let’s find out some of the ways you can boost your own company’s SEO process. First of all, decide with […]

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SEO for Small Businesses SEO practices for small business should involve a number of simple steps which need only take a little time and effort without costing anything. Search engine optimisation involves building a website that is easily accessed and navigated by search engine robots (crawled) and structured in a […]

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When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter whether something is right or wrong.  Once it is, then it is, and that’s it. For a long time Microsoft’s hold on the PC market gave IE a decided advantage and thus all of my clients had IE optimized websites. […]

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