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Affiliate marketing is by far one of the most popular and easiest ways to monetize your blog. You don’t have any inventory to keep up with, you don’t have to do anything with regard to the transaction, and yet you get paid a percentage of every sale that is made […]

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Sure, you have a website, and you may also have a Facebook page.  That’s a good start, but it’s only a starting point to creating an effective internet marketing campaign. Nowadays, there’s really no excuse for generic, one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns. Although an unlimited budget does open up your options, an […]

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One of the more daunting marketing tasks is that of managing a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign. It happens to be one of those areas that is both an art and a science; many would agree that it requires a bit more time and effort than, say, a postcard printing […]

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It is hard to ignore the surging use of QR codes these days. They are everywhere: on bottles, posters, flyers and even billboards. But according to several research agencies marketers and organisations still don’t know how to really use the QR code to their advantage. The QR code is a […]

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We love to shop. It doesn’t really matter who we are – male or female – we do love to browse around and get the thing that makes us feel better. Feeling cool and happy we love to brag about it. That’s why Facebook and other social networks are so […]

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The rise of the Internet has spawned many changes in the way companies do business. In some respects it has become a great equalizer – giving small businesses with modest budgets a real chance to compete with the big boys. It’s not even simply about marketing; the Internet has changed […]

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Google offers a slew of online resources that do not cost you a penny. Even better than the cost is the value that these tools bring to the table for your web presence. A few favorites.   Google Alerts Receive an email update from Google (as-it-happens, daily, weekly) on specific […]

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