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If you think Artificial Intelligence is still a long way off, say something you’ll only see in 2025, you’d be very wrong. Way back in April 2016, Facebook Messenger opened its platform to ‘bot developers. After that within a very short space of time, more than 34,000 had been built. […]

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Google is playing a war game with SEOs for quite some time. Seems now they made a big hit. The latest Panda and especially Penguin updates made millions of man hours link-building work going down the drain. While the updates are far from perfect and lots of honest webmasters have […]

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Writing is the backbone to all marketing promotions. From SMS, email, fax, website and social media marketing, writing is how you convey your message, intent and call-to-action to your customers. But crappy writing does more disservice to your promotions and your brand even, than anything else does. Poor writing shows […]

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How much content do you have sitting on your computer or out there in the blogosphere? If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you probably have several folders of content on your computer building up. Maybe you’ve spent some money on some PLR articles or you have some […]

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One of the biggest challenges for writers who are starting to write web content is unlearning everything they’ve been taught about ‘quality writing.’  In school, they tell you that big words, grammatical perfection, and formal tone are the best ways to write.  The world of web content writing is completely […]

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Content, content and more content. This is what websites need. It doesn’t matter the kind of website or the industry, without new and fresh content, websites may stagnate. Most website owners don’t have the luxury of adding new content as often as they want. Whether due to lack of time […]

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