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Another Firefox Add-on List… You Don’t Say? One of the great things about browsers like Firefox and Chrome are their ability to improve and customize your web browsing experience through add-ons and extensions. The only downside to these browser extensions are that there are hundreds of new ones created everyday, […]

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Now-a-days most websites are pretty well optimised for search. As a SEO Consultant who started life as a developer in Preston, UK, I remember the days when sorting out a few title tags and ALT tags could move you from position 50 to position 1 within weeks. However, even though […]

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Let’s set the basis for this article: #1 Google is the leader in search and to the best of my knowledge, they have not publicly announced their stance on CTR and its affect on SERPS. #2 Bing is the second runner up in the search engine competition and they have […]

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In the world of SEO there are many who abuse the system and use deceptive tactics to increase their rankings in Google and other search engines. But by staying in the realm of the black hats, these treacherous SEOs are making it harder for those who want to rank legitimately. […]

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Many bloggers and webmasters see most of their traffic coming in from Google and other search engines. If you lose some or all of this traffic it can have a devastating effect on your business. What can you do when Google decides that your site is no longer relevant? Here […]

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With so much focus being placed on the value of link building there is an increasing number of site owners who ignore the very basics of SEO. Even if you’re creating the most amazing infographics, or selling the most compelling products, nobody is going to be able to find you […]

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