keyword research


SEO is a fantastic tool for any webmaster hoping to make some money, and the most beautiful part of it, is the simple fact that it needn’t cost you anything. This means that even the smallest start up or loneliest entrepreneur can compete with the big guns and get their […]

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PPC advertising is not an exact or completely formulaic science and a lot of what creates success in any given campaign will be the result of plenty of experimentation, keyword tailoring, careful research and constant refinement.That said, there are certain key tactics and steps that should be followed for the […]

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Keywords are the fundamentals of search engine optimization. Without them, you will be lost in the search engine result pages. Google especially, recognizes viable keywords when they’re used creatively and naturally. Keyword-stuffing is a wrong optimization principle – and you should stay away from it. There is a better way: […]

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The web has blurred lines of geography and concepts. Blogs are often termed as articles and keyword research is akin to market research. Ask any SEO expert, and it causes a splitting headache when they need to explain to a client that there is a thin line dividing keyword search […]

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