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Writing a good sales page is all about your personal connection to the reader. Everybody has problems that need solutions. First, you need to establish a common ground. Then, you need to tell your reader how your product can solve the problem or just make life generally more convenient. A […]

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For most new companies the first six months of existence is a make or break period. Both at times nerve-wracking and exhilarating, this period is about growing the company and doing so fast. With most businesses incurring chunks of debt to first get off the ground, it is important that […]

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The retail space has always been competitive, and today is no different. What has changed in recent years is the media through which retailers – and grocery stores in particular – are reaching out to potential customers. New media platforms have taken the world by storm. Consumers are no longer […]

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These days, we are in the digital age where every company is looking forward to create mobile websites as a form of advertisement. Having a mobile website, apart from the standard online site, attracts attention to a greater range of viewers than the traditional forms of marketing strategies. In this […]

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More and more people are shopping on the internet, and everyone loves a deal, so how can you make the most of coupon advertising online? Below are four ways that small businesses can attract new customers without breaking the bank. 1. Twitter Coupons Social media has exploded into a social […]

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We’re in an age of infographics; you can’t visit a popular website of any genre without coming across one. While the huge demand for infographics has led to an increase in volume of the innovative learning tool, it’s also caused a downsizing in their overall quality. Every graphic designer thinks […]

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Though mobile analytics at this point are a wilier and less well-understood quantity compared to traditional web analytics, it’s apparent that the use of smart phones is going to continue to rise. To take advantage of this new trend, market forces need to begin devoting larger percentages of online advertising […]

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