Modern SEO is not what it used to be back in 2000 or even in 2007. During only five or six recent years there were significant shifts in how Google treats websites, their content and links. Just take a look back at the most notable algorithm updates:   Panda in […]

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Many companies invest heavily in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and need to keep a close eye on it to ensure that both return on investment and budget allowances are being met. While PPC ads are essential if your company has any kind of web presence, managing your PPC budget can often seem […]

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Google is continuously looking for new ways to protect hard-working authors who provide informative, valuable and relevant content to their audience, and “punish” bloggers and webmasters who use improper SEO techniques by manipulating keyword density in their text, buying links or spam-commenting on other blogs. For many years, the main […]

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The Google AdSense lessons you are going to get today will drastically change your perspective and improve your chances of success. Most people who start off with Google AdSense do so with little knowledge of what is expected. Generally speaking, there are at least 6 common mistakes that people make […]

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So, you have been using Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics since the dawn of the civilization, (sorry just kidding) and you religiously entertain the belief that you know every bit of them right? Wrong, there are some gems hidden deep inside these two amazing products that you might have not […]

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Now that almost the 15-year love relationship of Google with links has the “it’s complicated” status, it’s quite natural for the big daddy to find out the bugs that are becoming a cause of trouble to this relationship. According to a survey conducted in 2011 by SeoMoz to know the ranking […]

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Bringing Events to Google’s social network is one of the most powerful feature a business or brand can utilise as part of their Google Plus marketing (Google+) effort. This is because brands who embrace many of the features available on Google’s platform – as opposed to Facebook’s, for example – stand to […]

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Google has always made online marketers think beyond boundaries.  After Google Panda and Penguin update has shattered the SEO industry as a whole, it is time to look at something new. It is enough of rank drop, Google penalties, strategy failures and struggle for existence. Let us shed off the […]

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The Google panda algorithm was launched in mid April last year and it has had a dramatic effect on the way search results were served to the end user. Many saw their website drop down in rankings and some disappear altogether. The basic premise of the update was to provide […]

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