Google Authorship

Google is continuously looking for new ways to protect hard-working authors who provide informative, valuable and relevant content to their audience, and “punish” bloggers and webmasters who use improper SEO techniques by manipulating keyword density in their text, buying links or spam-commenting on other blogs. For many years, the main […]

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Now that almost the 15-year love relationship of Google with links has the “it’s complicated” status, it’s quite natural for the big daddy to find out the bugs that are becoming a cause of trouble to this relationship. According to a survey conducted in 2011 by SeoMoz to know the ranking […]

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Google Authorship is one of the latest tools available to website owners and bloggers who want to make the search engine’s quality standards work to their advantage. This new add-on can be especially advantageous if you are an online business owner already using written content to market your products and […]

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