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If you are struggling with a stubbornly high bounce rate, it’s time to take a serious look at your website and what you need to change. If people aren’t staying on your website, there’s a reason for it. And the good news is that those reasons are almost always problems […]

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So, you have been using Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics since the dawn of the civilization, (sorry just kidding) and you religiously entertain the belief that you know every bit of them right? Wrong, there are some gems hidden deep inside these two amazing products that you might have not […]

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Anyone who enters the world of market research is always struck by the amount of jargon involved in labeling different processes. If you’re new to market research – or wish to explain some key marketing processes to clients – then you should find this brief glossary of key phrases useful! […]

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Google is not only the world’s most popular search engine, which helps to bring visitors to your site. It is also the creator of several online applications that can help to manage and improve your websites. Two such services are Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Move Over Server-Side Analysis, […]

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 Google’s September 2011 update to its Analytics package finally drew a line under one argument that it’s always lost – Google Analytics now provides real-time reporting and other popular features that competitors have been offering for years. Google didn’t get it right first time when it launched New Analytics in May […]

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