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The SEO industry is becoming more and more competitive, no matter if you are looking for jobs in India or USA. Many SEO consultants are turning to LinkedIn to make their job hunt easier. But is LinkedIn really worth the effort if you’re in the field of search engine optimization? […]

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While the unemployment rate in the US has dropped to 8.6% as of November, the job market is still feeling the effects of the 10.1% rate of October 2009, when the job market was struggling the most it had in two decades. A scarcity of jobs resulted in an abundance […]

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So you’re freelancing. Whether it’s by choice or as a result of the economy, lots of people work as freelancers; you just never thought of them that way before. People including writers, designers, consultants, caterers, interior decorators, realtors and many more. These people do not earn salaries. Their incomes are […]

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Working as a freelancer is an attractive option for people who simply hate being tied from 9 to 5 in the office. There are people who are tired of getting up early in the morning while there are others who cannot work under the supervision of managers. For people like […]

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If you are a freelancer, chances are you have more opportunities for employment now that the economy is in a slump. While hiring full-time employees is down, the work still needs to get done. And freelancers are in the perfect spot for those jobs. Freelancers usually have experience. Many freelancers […]

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  If you ask anybody these days, they will tell you that it is impossible to get by without a college degree. Of course, this is true on many levels, seeing as how many structured, salaried jobs will specifically require at least a diploma from an accredited four-year institution.  Even […]

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Getting paid to write is something that many people only dream of. After all, what is better for a writer (or anyone) than being able to making a living doing something they love? For those who are trying to figure out exactly how to do that, there are many different […]

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Working as a freelance writer can be very rewarding and exciting career. One of the major skills needed to become a successful freelance writer is the ability to locate clients for work. There are several opportunities available to freelance writers online to find new writing assignments. Here are five great […]

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Some people seem to excel when they work for themselves and others are best in a group or corporate setting. One is not better than the other, but it is important to know the difference between the two so that you can enjoy a successful and happy work life. Take […]

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