With the new technological developments, more and more people make the transition from a regular 9 to 5 schedule to freelancing. For instance, only in the US, in 2014, 53 million Americans were freelancers. Of course, the numbers went higher since then. And why shouldn’t they? As a freelancer, you […]

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Hiring freelancers for your online business can be a catch 22. On one hand, outsourcing work allows you to focus on doing the tasks that you enjoy the most, that have the most impact on the money you make or on starting new ventures altogether. You also want to outsource […]

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Working as a freelancer gives you the opportunity to make your own schedule and control your level of income. When working in this capacity, it is sometimes difficult to stay organised and on top of the projects you have going on. Because of this, there are a number of essential […]

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Working as a freelancer is an attractive option for people who simply hate being tied from 9 to 5 in the office. There are people who are tired of getting up early in the morning while there are others who cannot work under the supervision of managers. For people like […]

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There’s a certain degree of skill and attention required to land a client and even more skill and attention to keep that client long term. As a freelancer this is a skill you will have to learn and master in order to grow your portfolio and forge ahead a great […]

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