With the new technological developments, more and more people make the transition from a regular 9 to 5 schedule to freelancing. For instance, only in the US, in 2014, 53 million Americans were freelancers. Of course, the numbers went higher since then. And why shouldn’t they? As a freelancer, you […]

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Seems that nowadays everyone and their brother is jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Just a few short years ago, blogs were a fairly new way to carve out a presence on the internet, but since then the market has become saturated with blogs on every topic you can imagine, and […]

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Search engine optimization does not require an obligatory presence on the working place. If you know what to do and how to do it, and have an experience in promotion of various websites, then you can safely work from home or some local café. With the development of modern means […]

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Freelancers are free from the watchful eyes of a manager or supervisor, who is constantly making sure that the work is done. Instead, freelancers work by their own time frame and schedule, taking advantage of all the freedom it entails. However, this opportunity is not without its disadvantages; one common […]

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As a small time freelancer just starting out you’ve probably wondered how you can ever begin to compete with the big-boys of your industry. This is understandable, since the big names tend to offer a solid reputation, a large team of professionals and an impressive set-up for client meetings. No-one […]

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While the unemployment rate in the US has dropped to 8.6% as of November, the job market is still feeling the effects of the 10.1% rate of October 2009, when the job market was struggling the most it had in two decades. A scarcity of jobs resulted in an abundance […]

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One of the hardest things about writing is that it looks so simple. It’s easy to read a smoothly written article (or blog post, or novel) and imagine that easy to read translates into easy to write. And that’s so wrong. Easy reading means hard writing. Which in turn means […]

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So you’re freelancing. Whether it’s by choice or as a result of the economy, lots of people work as freelancers; you just never thought of them that way before. People including writers, designers, consultants, caterers, interior decorators, realtors and many more. These people do not earn salaries. Their incomes are […]

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Working as a freelancer is an attractive option for people who simply hate being tied from 9 to 5 in the office. There are people who are tired of getting up early in the morning while there are others who cannot work under the supervision of managers. For people like […]

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