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An efficient writing process that results in quality work is difficult to achieve—especially for writers who are procrastinators, perfectionists, or just easily distracted. And who doesn’t fall into at least one of those categories? But don’t worry if you do. There are certain keys to making your writing process go […]

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Are you a blogger or a freelance writer? Do you try to distinguish yourself as one or the other? Why can’t you be both? Freelance writing and blogging are two very similar writing strategies that complement each other in a writing career. Learn how to use them together to maximize […]

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One of the hardest things about writing is that it looks so simple. It’s easy to read a smoothly written article (or blog post, or novel) and imagine that easy to read translates into easy to write. And that’s so wrong. Easy reading means hard writing. Which in turn means […]

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One of the greatest aspects of freelance writing is the flexibility it offers. Whether you are a full-time or part-time freelance writer, you probably have a large say in what types of jobs or projects you agree to take. There are many different styles of writing and subjects available for […]

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Being a freelance writer means coming up with new ideas for copy, blogging, writing, and social media every day. With so much writing to accomplish as a freelancer, how do you continue to generate original ideas and concepts? Inspiring people is part of your job, but sometimes it’s hard to […]

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  If you ask anybody these days, they will tell you that it is impossible to get by without a college degree. Of course, this is true on many levels, seeing as how many structured, salaried jobs will specifically require at least a diploma from an accredited four-year institution.  Even […]

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