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Ever wondered why price quotes from brokers vary or why a trading system return profits on one broker and loses money on another broker account? Most fellow traders think it is connected with the spread, the execution time or the brokers which manipulate the price feed. Well, some may manipulate […]

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When you want to get involved in the Forex market, opening an account with a Forex broker will be a necessity. Once you start to get out and look at the Forex brokers that are available, you will see hundreds of options to choose from. While your trading strategy may […]

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There are so many forex broker companies and so many features to take into account that it seems difficult and confusing for beginners forex traders to choose a forex broker company, which fits their trading needs. If you search in Google, you will find many websites that compare forex brokers but you will find out that there are a lot of controversial reviews and comments. For example you may read a comment for a broker which will say that it is the best company there is and then another one that it says that the same company is a scam…

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