Living in a digital age, getting content to go viral is an important factor to anyone wanting to make his or her presence known on the World Wide Web. Posting things on the web, regardless of what it may be, from a funny video, story, or an important message mean […]

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Google is playing a war game with SEOs for quite some time. Seems now they made a big hit. The latest Panda and especially Penguin updates made millions of man hours link-building work going down the drain. While the updates are far from perfect and lots of honest webmasters have […]

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When designing a website, your primary goals are to inform and engage users. However, it is impossible to do this if you don’t at first attract them to your site or blog. Site traffic is essential in order to ensure your content is reaching the right market online. Think of […]

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How much content do you have sitting on your computer or out there in the blogosphere? If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you probably have several folders of content on your computer building up. Maybe you’ve spent some money on some PLR articles or you have some […]

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I remember a time before the Internet was widely used. Letters were handwritten, news came from newspapers, and family updates were made over the telephone. Nowadays, all of these communications (and more) are conducted over the Internet; handwritten letters have been replaced with email or instant messaging, news can be […]

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Blogging is an art by its own right. It’s not like writing books, newspaper articles, journals or screenplays, and again, it can be a bit of all of those things. Personally, blogging has changed my life as a writer, in the sense that now I have an outlet for any […]

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I’ve always been one of those people who will stay up late and sacrifice sleep because I am too busy prowling around the nooks and crannies of the web. As a recent college grad, I just started a new job as an SEO for a scarf store and this skill […]

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If you’ve always wanted to be a published author, you no longer have to wait for an agent or publisher to sign you and agree to produce your book. You can do it yourself. More and more hopeful writers are going the self-publishing route. It is difficult, but in the […]

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One of the biggest challenges for writers who are starting to write web content is unlearning everything they’ve been taught about ‘quality writing.’  In school, they tell you that big words, grammatical perfection, and formal tone are the best ways to write.  The world of web content writing is completely […]

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