“SEO is dead.” In the days following Google’s infamous Penguin update, those three words were plastered over nearly every webmaster forum on the internet. With their sites dropping like a boulder in the ocean, many threw their hands in the air and simply gave up on SEO altogether. While others […]

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With the demise of many popular private blog networks (too many to name) you might find yourself the unlucky recipient of a “unnatural link building” message in your Google Webmaster Tools. It is probably one of the most threatening messages you can possibly receive and I wouldn’t blame you if […]

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We all know how hard it can be for us webmasters to find and get powerful one-way backlinks. Backlinks which considerably improve our website rankings on Google. But don’t view it as a dream because it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. You really can boost those page 5 […]

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Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or a little green newbie in Internet marketing, one thing that you need to know about is link building. If you own a website, then you probably know all about this topic. Recently, there was a massive Google update, where they changed their algorithm, […]

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Quality links are the currency of the web. Until you master the art of building quality and relevant links to your web pages, getting a top position in search engines is only a day-dream. But you can bring your dreams to reality by focusing on the core aspects of your […]

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If you’ve been around the internet for longer than 20 minutes or so, I’m sure you’ve run across a number of articles with titles similar to these: “The 5 Best Link-Building Techniques” “How To Boost Your Google Rankings Overnight” “How To Spam Forums and Blogs for Backlinks Without Appearing Spammy” […]

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From an SEO perspective, many believe that the best way to generate links is by offering to guest post on different blogs. Webmasters and bloggers typically allow you to include a link or two in the author bio or the article, which passes along link juice to your website. While […]

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If you have ever wondered on how to get your website to the first page of Google, look no further! I will answer those questions for you! If you have been around the internet long enough you know that high quality authority sites like Wikipedia, WikiHow, Amazon, Yahoo Answers and […]

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