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As Forex trading grows more popular, a trend of Forex auto trading is gathering pace. Today’s economic instability makes foreign exchange market look like a right place for a safe investment. And so many people want to invest, even those who have never traded Forex and have no time (or […]

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The first thing to note about Forex Robots is that none of them can perform magic. There are no holy grail trading systems and if there were, one very rich trader would be sitting on it behind a very big wall. What they can do, however is help you with […]

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The key for success in forex trading is consistency. This simply means having the ability to stick with your system regardless of the market conditions and apply its rules to each trade that you make.
Obviously, you should first choose a system that is back tested and you are sure that is profitable in the long run. The selection of a trading system is crucial but it is perhaps less important than being able to follow your system after you enter a trade without letting your emotions effect you.

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For those who have been trading foreign currency for quite a while, you’d probably have noted that it can be a little time-consuming looking at graphs and making investing decisions. If you would like to have a hands-free way, then it might be wise to take into consideration engaging in […]

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