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Ask any blogger out there and they’ll tell you how much they hate spam. Still, just stop to think for a moment. Why do spammers still manage to garner all those eyeballs that we want? Are they doing something right that we are not realizing? Before you laugh, just hear […]

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For a local business owner trying to do more business on the web, ranking in Google Places is the best – and most cost-effective – way of marketing your business on the internet. In this article, I’ll lead you step by step through the best practices for fully optimizing your […]

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Online businesses are a very common thing these days as technology has taken a huge leap. However, running a successful online business is not an easy task. You need to be aware of all the applications and tools you can use to modify your websites. If you are running an […]

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Can you really make money in 140 characters or less? With millions of users, Twitter is becoming one of the most effective (and quickest) way to help monetize your business online. While at first glimpse, you may think that the tweets, and re-tweets, links and advertising are simply a waste […]

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Not too long ago all of the affiliate chat forums were alive with horror stories about an adjustment to the Panda algorithm made around the middle of October. Some were saying their business was destroyed while others complained of a drop in the SERP and almost all were steamed at […]

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Anyone that has been in the Internet marketing world for a little while knows that the SEO world is ever changing. It is one of the most dynamic fields out there today, and you can never bank on one single tactic working for too long (especially when it is a […]

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A strong brand name is essential for business success. People are more likely to buy from brands that they know rather than unknown brands in the market. It’s not that the old brands are better. There are new brands that may have superior products. It’s more of a question of […]

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Marketing is the most important aspect of business. It is what connects business owners with potential customers and PR professionals. The level of marketing skills determines the profit a business owner and/or entrepreneur will make. However, when do you begin the marketing and promotion of your project? Do you begin […]

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When you think about branding, and its importance, think of companies such as Coca Cola, Apple, and Pepsi.  These are brands that are so well known, that very few people wouldn’t recognize them.  Of course they are major companies, but you get the idea. What is branding? A brand is […]

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