Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is by far one of the most popular and easiest ways to monetize your blog. You don’t have any inventory to keep up with, you don’t have to do anything with regard to the transaction, and yet you get paid a percentage of every sale that is made […]

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What’s up, successful affiliate marketers? It looks like you’ve been busy earning lots of money, and affiliate marketing has been giving you the life you’ve always wanted. But don’t you get tired of succeeding? Don’t you sometimes wish life was a little harder, and you can’t even sell those “in-demand” […]

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Co-registration or coreg as it’s often referred to is the process of showing advertisement products to someone who is going through a registration form or a process. Coreg has been around for a while and many have been using it as an additional source of income on top of their […]

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Last time I began discussing my journey to significant affiliate income through various decisions that had to be made to overcome the barriers that stop most of us from reaching our potential. What I’ve discovered in the process is that most of the barriers in our lives are mental (in […]

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Disclosure: the goal of this article is to broaden your view on affiliate marketing so that you may see the big picture versus focusing on small scale SEO efforts. I am not here to promote any one strategy, business or product. Some numbers and names have been altered as to […]

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It is human nature to want to have more and more money, over and above the amount you need for your basic needs? Everyone needs to have money to spend on fun activities, vacations, and buying all the luxury items that you have always dreamt about. This is why an […]

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One of the best ways to ensure success in affiliate marketing is to find a niche, an area that has plenty of willing customers and not a lot of competition. The problem is, many people who are new to affiliate marketing build sites that compete with large blogs or sites […]

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Flash banners are the small rectangular images you see on websites that usually advertise a product or a service. Although they appear small in size, they are actually really effective methods of advertising and marketing to a specific audience. However, when many people get the idea to make their own and they […]

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Internet has become a major part of our lives. We spend a lot of time online. Whether it is search engines, blogs, websites, social media sites or forums, our online exposure is increasing at a rapid pace. Businesses are also using internet to reach maximum people. This is why businesses […]

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