Many companies invest heavily in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and need to keep a close eye on it to ensure that both return on investment and budget allowances are being met. While PPC ads are essential if your company has any kind of web presence, managing your PPC budget can often seem […]

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When you put a lot of effort into creating amazing content, you want a ton of people to see it. But how do you go about doing this? Sure, you can hire a PR or social media team, but that can be expensive both in terms of salary and time […]

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Google dropped a bombshell at the recent Ad Age Digital Conference. It was at the annual event in New York that the company announced the Brand Activate Initiative, a new program designed to help brands better measure their success online. The initiative is quite extensive, so without further ado, here […]

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Disclosure: the goal of this article is to broaden your view on affiliate marketing so that you may see the big picture versus focusing on small scale SEO efforts. I am not here to promote any one strategy, business or product. Some numbers and names have been altered as to […]

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Pay-per-click advertising has the potential to be one of a business’ biggest money-making resource, but it must be used properly. All too often, people simply assume that their adherence to certain keyword and contextual links will bring interested customers to their company’s website, and the company’s products will practically sell […]

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Remember the feeling when you went on your first ever date? Sweaty palms, uncomfortable silences. Did you wish you had a second chance to make a first impression? Google Adwords Remarketing With Google’s contextual advertising network Adwords, you now get the chance to reposition your advert to someone who has previously shown […]

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Everyone knows that PPC marketing is a good option for driving traffic to an ecommerce website, but many business owners make the mistake of assuming that Adwords can’t help their local business.  This means that they’re missing out on some great marketing opportunities. Google Adwords can be of help to […]

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It’s the war of the century that advertisers are caught in the middle of. On one corner, you have Google, the long-standing search engine that uses algorithms and keyword searches that enables virtually everyone to be able to access the information they need with just one click. And you also […]

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Many website owners use Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or AdWords, to generate revenue for their site, but do not understand how to maximize the efficiency of their campaigns. Google makes it very easy to users to set up an AdWords account and start a campaign, but it can take a lot […]

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