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Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

January 11, 2012 · 3 comments

in Social Media

Maintain multiple social networksCapitalizing on Social Media Success

After building a successful Twitter presence, many companies find the need to explore other social media applications and create another presence in say LinkedIn or Facebook. Perhaps it is to reach a new audience, saturate your current audience or to promote a different division of your company. Whatever the reason, it sure beats standing at the nearest cross-road handing out brochures and business cards and from past experience, it is also more successful.

But for whatever goal you decide to achieve with this second social media account, there is one conundrum you will face – that is, how can I best manage multiple social media accounts?

Managing Multiple Accounts

There is no right way to do this, but there are plenty of options – so many in fact, that you will be overwhelmed. With so many options available, it just depends on which one works best for you.

According to a number of social media experts, the most popular applications at the moment are TweetDeck and Twhirl. These are great for those who have started their social media journey with Twitter as they were built for Twitter users originally.

TweetDeck Explained

TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR application that allows you to update your entire social media presence from one application. That’s right, you can post updates on your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn pages from the one spot! Pretty impressive right?

Well, Twirl is built on the same platform, with the same aim in mind. So what are the differences?

TweetDeck is a dominate mode app, which means that it takes over your entire desktop screen. This is great for those who need to watch Twitter all day long because it separates all the crucial information like friends, tweets and direct messaging into different columns, making all aspects easier to view and manage.

Twirl Explained

Twirl is less complicated. It allows you to see a constant stream of updates from whom you follow in Twitter, with the ability to Tweet easily. It’s great for those who just want something that will give them Twitter ‘at a glance’. Having said that, it actually appears to have more features than TweetDeck. It sends messages to, for instance, while will distribute your Tweets onto the other social media accounts you may have. Plus, it doesn’t take up your whole screen like TweetDeck does.

Social Media That’s Right for You

A lot of people use both for different reasons so I would recommend that you should play in both spaces and decide for yourself which one is more suitable for your needs. While you are at it, another option is the new Max OSX application called Nambu, which appears, at first glance, to incorporate the best features of TweetDeck and Twhirl into one very easy to use application. If this isn’t impressive enough, it also has a number of interesting and mega-helpful features including threaded conversations and the ability to filter columns by keyword or topic. So why not check this out as well.

Good luck with your Twitter marketing and with building your social media presence.

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Bjorn January 11, 2012 at 9:13 pm

I use the tweetcaster app on my android to manage different social media account. It is a great tool. I also use hootsuite on my laptop..
Bjorn recently posted..Buddytweets social media tools and servicesMy Profile


Gail Gardner January 12, 2012 at 2:57 am

The last time I researched, Hootsuite was the most popular tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts and I recommend CoTweet as the easiest to learn to use. I published all of the comparisons I found in my post Tools for Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts.
Gail Gardner recently posted..What If There Was an Easy Way to Get Your Tweets Retweeted? There Is – And It is Fast and FreeMy Profile


Gail Gardner January 12, 2012 at 2:58 am

I also have an extensive collection of Twitter posts that I have compiled into a Twitter Best Practices post that contains everything from how-to get started posts and videos for newbies to advanced strategies for small businesses, serious bloggers, and social media consultants.
Gail Gardner recently posted..Every worthwhile Small Business IS doing important work – How YOURS could go viral #smbizMy Profile


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