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Ideas for Making Money with Twitter

Ideas for Making Money with Twitter Leave a comment

Can you really make money in 140 characters or less? With millions of users, Twitter is becoming one of the most effective (and quickest) way to help monetize your business online.

While at first glimpse, you may think that the tweets, and re-tweets, links and advertising are simply a waste of time – the truth is A LOT of folks are wasting their time there.

This means that by creating a Twitter account, and gaining a following, which is pretty easy to do since most people engage in the ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” attitude and follow back. – you can make money!

Seek at Advertising Opportunities

The easiest way to make money is to engage in a direct advertisement. This is best for Twitter users that have a pretty high following already. With this, you contact advertisers directly (or use your own product) and simply use your twitter account as a way to promote the product or service. In order to keep your integrity in tact with followers, make sure that you point them to a blog or article that also offers them something of value. Essentially, this is the same as niche marketing.

Keep an Eye Out for Marketing Potential

Affiliate marketing is also taking off on Twitter’s wings. If you are recommending a product or service, be sure to use a link shortener in your tweet that will take followers to an affiliate site, or your own site. Just be sure that whichever site the twitter follower lands on offers complete sale of the product, otherwise people are more likely to click away.

Become Familiar with Offered Incentives

If you are new to twitter, you may want to engage in some sponsored reviews or contests as well. Essentially, this works because you have access to your followers, and in turn can up the following of another user that is in a mutual field. This also works well in other situations. For instance, if you are a web site designer and have just recently developed a site for a writer, you could offer a paid tweet to the writer to help them boost their business and visibility. (And vice versa) A good place to find these opportunities for paid sponsorships or review is directly on your twitter feed.

One of the nicest features about utilizing Twitter for monetization is that it doesn’t take a lot of time. It is important however, to make your 140 characters or less, count. And to update frequently. Most marketing professionals recommend that you spend several days on Twitter studying the tweets, trends, and behaviors of the audience that you want to target. Then, simply jump in with two feet and start tweeting. Over time, you will see what works and what doesn’t – and likely come up with new ways to make money using your Twitter family.

Written by Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson is a social media and technology writer. He also maintains a relationship with hosting technologies like web hosting and other hosting solutions.

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