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SEO and SMO: How the Blend Ensures Success of Your Site?

January 25, 2012 · 17 comments

in SEO

SEO & SMO SynergyThe value of the World Wide Web is increasing exponentially by the day as far as marketers are concerned. The ease and speed that it offers in connecting a company with customers, existing and potential, are tremendous. It is in this light that the two terms, SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization) have been the constant refrain of the marketing world.

While debates rage on as to which is better and more effective, the correct answer would be – a synergy of both SEO and SMO. This is because while SEO and SMO are totally different as concepts, they both strive for the same common goals – site ranking, popularity, traffic and success.

It becomes easy to build a synergy between the two once we recognize the similarities. Original and authentic content of high quality is a must for the success of both SMO and SEO. This is because either the crawling search bots and spiders or the liking and sharing friends recognize quality content. Thus, in both of them, having clear and apt keywords along with the headliners becomes necessary and vital.

They need to grab the attention of the readers and potential customers. Finally, it is essential that the site have user-friendly features like Meta tags, descriptions, images, videos, breadcrumb navigation etc. that will get good results from both SEO and SMO.

Here are a few tips to get the most of your SEO and SMO efforts:

Use the right Keywords

Make use of keywords in the headlines, text and tags. They should be both, relevant and attractive. This will also help to target certain audiences in social media and ensure that the conversion from casual onlookers to loyal customers is at a greater rate.

Structure of site

Structuring the site and coding it well makes it easy for the search spiders to find it and rank it higher. At the front end, the design of the site must reflect the attitudes, thoughts and fancies of the customer segments being targeted. Once this is done, a high virility can be ensured in the social networks via sharing and liking.

Add a blog

The site can have a blog of its own if necessary. Getting to know a ‘human face’ in a technology-filled virtual world is calming and encouraging for the customers. Thus, building an online community will also ensure that you have a loyal following. The chances of inbound and outbound links increase as the loyal followers are sure to share their experiences with family, friends and contacts. This enhances the SEO of the site too and the synergy builds.

Make it attractive

While images, videos and flash might not be visible to search spiders but they definitely play an important role in keeping the customers interested and engrossed. To make them friendly for the search spiders you could exhaustively tag them. This helps to achieve both SEO and SMO.

In conclusion, while SMO brings on instant success, it may not be long lasting and consistent. SEO, brings on long-lasting success but it takes time and works slowly. That is the reason why a synergy between SEO and SMO is the best and if done properly, it could ensure quick growth and long-lasting life for a site.

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