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Helping Your Company Embrace SEO

April 5, 2012 · 2 comments

in SEO

Helping Your Company Embrace SEOSearch engine optimization may not be a magic formula for successful online marketing, but it surely is now one of the fundamentals to ensure success.

From the days when it was more about gaming the system imposed by search engines, it has now become a sensible way to market a website and grab more page views.

Used in conjunction with search engine marketing, advertisements, social media, and many others, an entrepreneur can reap substantial profit.

Some are still quite resistant to the whole concept, opting for more traditional means of marketing. Perhaps they look down on how “pedestrian” it is, being so accessible that anyone willing enough to learn it can pull it off almost as good as any big company can.

With that, some would think that it must not be very effective if entities with more resources can’t have a significant advantage over those who spend almost nothing over it. However, this way of thinking is fallacious at best due to how search engine optimization really works.

1.  Leadership

There is no denying anymore that SEO is effective in the hands of competent online marketers. However, for companies looking to enhance their figures by taking on the Internet, the crucial decisions lie with the leadership. Things can easily unravel when there isn’t enough cooperation between departments, turning efforts from departments against each other to compete for priority.

Soon enough, people will realize that before SEO can work for a company, it must first be organized. When all SEO efforts are concentrated towards a common goal, success is virtually inevitable.

So the key here truly is strong centralized leadership, coupled with skilled online marketers from all departments. As long as you have one website with SEO-ready content coming in regularly, then it shouldn’t be too hard to get the rest of the online marketing engine of your company rolling.

It must be said though that the devil here is certainly in the details. With that in mind, your company may want to rethink its online marketing strategy to optimize it to the very limit.

2.  IT

Everything in the company’s online marketing depends on the web administration, which is in the IT department. When the web admins are unaware of whatever implementations and changes necessary for the website’s best chances at SEO, then it may not really work out as well as it should.

There are technicalities that may not translate well between different specializations within IT, so you have to make sure that you have the right people for the job. IT for the office is not the same as that for the web as these are two different skillsets altogether.

The depth and breadth of knowledge that an IT professional must have in order to be on top of the IT department is not something to be scoffed at. S/he must know how to code in various programming languages for various purposes and platforms, know how to set up and optimize servers, know the ins and outs of every platform of every computer of every department in the company, and many more.

That someone knows how to fix a few things in a computer doesn’t mean that he’s fit for the IT department.

Going back to SEO, having the best people for the job is crucial for online marketing since losing even an hour or two to technical difficulties means losses in potential revenue. Make sure that the website is running well and that all the necessary SEO steps have been taken to ensure that its visibility is high enough for people to see it in search engines. The IT department must then maintain it at all times.

3.  Timing

Another thing to remember is that the content you post on the website regarding your products and services must be timed properly. Preparing that content does take time, but posting it too late is no good since it won’t be able to pull as many people as it would have with perfect timing. Therefore, the solution is to have a content manager who is in charge of publishing the content on time.

4.  Content

With that said, the content posted in the website must always be relevant and with purpose. This is no longer some person’s blog website, so there is no room for blogs that don’t really put forth useful content.

Remember that while blog content is useful in keeping customers interested, it does little in drawing new customers in. Therefore, every published blog content had better be good.

There are many other things that companies can do to truly make SEO work for them. But the main thing is always good management. If everyone can be directed properly, there can only be good things in store for a company that seeks to make the Internet its second home.

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{ 2 comments… read them below or add one }

William Earl Amis Jr III April 6, 2012 at 12:33 am

This was very informative and something that brought back my training in SEO before there was such a thing called a blog.

I agree, with it being a way to increase those search engines to notice your site. Yet, with content that empowers readers emotions will produce returned visits. Making sure your content is empowering and based on business, service and building bonded relationships works all the time.

People careless about products and numbers. They want to feel from your writing and be able to see themselves sharing it with those they know. Telling your readers how unique and needed they are will make their emotions fire-up desires to want to hear more from you. They become returning readers and start to feel a bond of trust with you. Then they will allow you to share that dry information on products and services.

It all works when readers come first and feel empowered by what you share. Being real and transparent will work well. Leave all that hype on this product and comparing it to another company, out of your article.

Kostas, this was a great find and one I thank you for sharing. I do look forward in hearing more on this subject in the near future.
William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted..Balancing Persistence and PatientsMy Profile


Adrian@Panoramic Universal Limited April 6, 2012 at 2:59 pm

You said right Kyle, The SEO is the process which has been explouited by some of the spammers but now the situation is changed. now a days, the real value of the SEO is much more changed ! Now it has been much recognized field for the online marketing without which , the website’s position in SERP is quite difficult!!


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