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How to get your hands on good freelance projects

November 23, 2011 · 0 comments

in Freelancing

Winning Better Freelance ProjectsWorking as a freelancer is an attractive option for people who simply hate being tied from 9 to 5 in the office. There are people who are tired of getting up early in the morning while there are others who cannot work under the supervision of managers. For people like these freelance working is the best option.

These days the trend of freelance working has gained immense popularity. Despite the high chances of getting good projects, some freelancers fail to get good projects. The reason behind this failure is that freelancing also needs proper strategies and techniques that are used in other regular jobs. Following are some tips that will help freelancers to get their hands on good projects.

Appealing resume

Having a good resume is the first step of success. If your resume is not good enough then you can forget about getting any interview calls. A good resume can take you a lot further even if you are not all that qualified or don’t have much experience. So having a good, appealing and attractive resume is a must. Just think about yourself and add all of your professional expertise in your resume. Highlight your strengths and focus on those aspects which are required in that specific job. While adding your hobbies, do not add that you like to play football or you are a black belt in kung fu. Instead add hobbies such as creative writing, reading, or things related to that job.

Build your portfolio

In freelancing, the project owners definitely ask for sample works before hiring. Build your portfolio and add a list of all the projects you have worked on. Many freelancers lose many good projects only because they think that samples and tests are mere formalities and so they do not give their best shots. Always perform well in samples and tests as they are the only way to prove yourself worthy of that job.

After creating an attractive resume and strong portfolio, the next step is to learn how to negotiate with the employer.

Money matters

Whether you are working from home or the office, at the end of the day, it is about money. If you are going to earn it by the dint of your hard work then you must get paid accordingly. For employees or freelancers it is always advised to maintain a gracious behavior while conveying hard things in a sugar coated pills. However, where money and negotiations are involved then you should always remain straightforward and discuss matters in detail. Also remember to hold your bids until you know what an employer is willing to pay. Sometimes it does happens that freelancers underestimate the project and ends the deal in low amount and when they realize, it is too late.

Act indifferent

The rule of thumb is to keep your emotions out of negotiation. No matter where the employer is taking the game, you must keep a neutral expression. Sometimes employers start with a ridiculously low salary and sometimes they offer more than your expectations. Negotiation is a game of nerve and winner is always the one who shows patience.

Know your worth

Before going into negotiation, you must evaluate your own worth. You must have an idea about the worth of your skills in the market. Some freelancers lose good deals only because they demand too much but cannot necessarily produce a quality to match their price. Always keep an average rate in mind, which is acceptable to you.

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