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Tips For Becoming a Freelance Writer

August 14, 2011 · 7 comments

in Freelancing

Getting paid to write is something that many people only dream of. After all, what is better for a writer (or anyone) than being able to making a living doing something they love? For those who are trying to figure out exactly how to do that, there are many different points to take into consideration before jumping in head-first. It takes a lot of practice to achieve the professional skill-level required to sell written works. Also, the right resources must be found before the paychecks start flowing in. Clients who love your work enough to purchase it are the main key to success.

The old adage “practice makes perfect” is the truest piece of advice one can ever give to an aspiring professional writer. Years ago, being a professional writer was limited predominantly to print media and ghostwriting. Today, there are so many more job opportunities available. The Internet has opened up jobs in nearly every industry and writing has been one sector that has flourished. Bloggers, copywriters and content writers for websites are careers that are now wide open for those with the gift for words. In order to go down any of these paths, being familiar with the industry and learning different writing styles is essential.

Studying the layout of news articles and learning the “AP” writing style are both extremely important. Many professional freelance writers make their bread and butter by doing technical pieces and articles for an assortment of clients. This can include ghostwriting (selling a piece to a client to publish under their own name) or simply selling articles to websites and entering into a license agreement with them. This type of writing requires a great deal of knowledge on both AP style and optimizing content with SEO specific keywords, otherwise known as search engine optimization.

Once the aspiring writer is confident of their ability to create great content, it is time to get out there and find places to make money. There are many different resources available online for just this purpose. Many agencies exist that allow writers to sign up and accept assignments from a list of clients. These clients will review the work that the professional writer has furnished for them and decide whether or not to buy them. Pay at these sites can vary, so it is important to understand how much compensation per word is being offered before signing up. If the pay is too low, move on to the next site.

Aside from joining writing agencies, it is also a great idea to advertise services through local channels and online classifieds. If a writer is good enough, they might be able to land a steady job as a blogger or content writer for a marketing firm. There are also many companies searching for competent copy editors, which is a great niche to get into. The sky is the limit.

Whichever way aspiring writers choose to get into the business, a simple Internet search can yield thousands of places looking to pay folks to write. It can be a hard field to get into, but it is certainly possible. With a bit of effort and some patience, writing for a living can transcend from fantasy into reality.


Authored by Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones is a health, fitness, marketing and relationship blogger and has found the writing career of her dreams. She is also a contributing writer for a site which sells health domains.

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