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Facebook has been the social media master for some time now. While other social media outlets like Google+ and Pinterest have made waves, Facebook remains the king. As bloggers and freelancers, our marketing approaches are almost as important as our content quality and persistence (almost). Nonetheless, marketing and branding are […]

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Google+, also referred to as G+ and Google Plus, is Google’s latest take on social networking (I’m not lying – Google Wave anyone?). This type of social media is tied directly into search results displayed on Google. In other words, features that are as seemingly small as “+1”s and author […]

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A few years ago, I was on the other side of the Twitter debate. “Rubbish”, I called it. A “fad” that will never catch on in B2B circles, because businesses don’t communicate with businesses over social networks. I still think that I was partly right, and I still can’t help […]

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When it comes to promoting a website small business owners now have a massive decision to make, whether to choose social media or search engine optimization to enhance their online presence. The decision makers are left with a range of questions that if answered in a straightforward manner will benefit everyone […]

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We love to shop. It doesn’t really matter who we are – male or female – we do love to browse around and get the thing that makes us feel better. Feeling cool and happy we love to brag about it. That’s why Facebook and other social networks are so […]

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If you are a creative entrepreneur, Facebook is incredibly important. In the search for followers, however, you may be feeling a little lost in the crowd. Let’s face it, Facebook is enormous, and if you want to leverage the kind of numbers that you need to succeed, you are going […]

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Just last week, the “pinning” website Pinterest overtook LinkedIn for third largest social media site, behind only Facebook and Twitter. Just in case you have not been keeping up with things online, Pinterest is new in the world of social networking. What it does is allow users to make online […]

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Pinterest is only 2 years old but it has 12 million users (and growing rapidly) with a number of daily visits to die for. Today Pinterest is the ‘It’ social photo sharing site that began in 2009 by Ben Silbermann and was operated from a tiny apartment until the summer […]

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Pinterest has officially caught on. With more than 10 million unique visitors each week and millions of active users, the photo sharing website has established itself as more than a flavor of the month. Whether users are drawn to its unique user interface or just the utility of the site, […]

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