The Penguin update affected many small business websites since its inception this spring. Webmasters may receive a back-link warning email from the Google Webmaster Tools. Others hurry to research the update and adapt their SEO strategies as to not be hit by the changes. The changes prompted many to review their SEO and diversify their links.

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“SEO is dead.” In the days following Google’s infamous Penguin update, those three words were plastered over nearly every webmaster forum on the internet. With their sites dropping like a boulder in the ocean, many threw their hands in the air and simply gave up on SEO altogether. While others […]

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The SEO industry is becoming more and more competitive, no matter if you are looking for jobs in India or USA. Many SEO consultants are turning to LinkedIn to make their job hunt easier. But is LinkedIn really worth the effort if you’re in the field of search engine optimization? […]

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Whether you are an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s products or own an online store, there is no doubt that Christmas is going to be your busiest time of the year. Indeed, some ecommerce retailers freely admit that one-third of their yearly turnover is generated during this period. So, you […]

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The SEO world has recently been rocked once again by Google’s most recent algorithm update “The Penguin”. In the last 18 months, Google has rolled out 2 major updates affecting many websites across the world. “The Penguin” affected 3.1% of sites rolling out on April 24 2012 and “The Panda” […]

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Understanding the Purpose of SEO: When it comes to investing in SEO, quite rightly many business owners are hesitant to part with a  percentage of their marketing budget when results can’t be 100% guaranteed. While I don’t want to overload you with statistics too early on, these are far too […]

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Keywords are the fundamentals of search engine optimization. Without them, you will be lost in the search engine result pages. Google especially, recognizes viable keywords when they’re used creatively and naturally. Keyword-stuffing is a wrong optimization principle – and you should stay away from it. There is a better way: […]

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Let’s face it, Google is a monster. It is a beast that controls 80% of search engine activity. It’s not the 800 pound gorilla, it’s Godzilla. When it talks… GODZILLA DID WHAT? Once again Google has changed the playing field and this time it’s a little scary. · In March, […]

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Last year, Google’s Panda update created a storm of hurricane-like proportions in the world of search engine optimisation. After the cataclysm many websites were left sailing low in the water while others were catapulted to the warm tropical waters of page 1. Then all was quiet… for a while. We […]

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