Email Marketing


Email marketing communication is a great way to build trust and keep in constant contact with your customers while you’re building and growing your startup. Like any form of marketing, there are some best practices and guidelines for creating an effective campaign. Here are 10 great tips for getting your […]

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List building is a major component of a growing marketing team’s execution of its goals. It touches almost all marketing and customer services channels of a young business. List building is especially attractive because, along with SEO and social media, it’s a “free” channel — in that it costs almost […]

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Email marketing was perhaps the original online marketing in a sense. We can learn many lessons from social networking and social media marketing and apply them to our email subscription strategy. In many ways, email marketing is very similar to Twitter and Facebook marketing. We could consider email marketing as […]

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With so much attention being brought to social media lately, it may seem ridiculous to talk about email marketing. This supposedly dying form of marketing has been neglected; however, email continues to prove to be a remarkably powerful form of marketing that consistently generates leads. By now you may be […]

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Most businesses or individual entrepreneurs will have a website, but apart from direct conversions or affiliate sales many don’t know a great deal about the type of customer that visits the site apart from the raw web statistics that they get through google analytics and other tracking packages. This is […]

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