If you happen to be checking your Yahoo email like myself recently or reading just about any news publication, then you probably came across the story of Scott Van Duzer, owner of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant who had the pleasure of giving a bear hug to the […]

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Hiring freelancers for your online business can be a catch 22. On one hand, outsourcing work allows you to focus on doing the tasks that you enjoy the most, that have the most impact on the money you make or on starting new ventures altogether. You also want to outsource […]

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According to Pareto’s famous 20/80 rule, you can count on 20 percent of your followers to generate 80 percent of your revenue.This magical 20 percent will usually come from the set of highly engaged visitors who regularly interact with your company or brand online. The more engaged they feel, the […]

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Video is an extremely powerful medium. YouTube reports that 4 billion videos viewed in a single day, with 72 hours of video being uploaded per minute; those are some staggering statistics. It’s pretty clear that as a means of engaging audience and attracting attention, making a video is an extremely […]

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Sponsored reviews is a great way for you to promote your products and services, create a positive overall view of these services, and drive traffic back to your website. You will need to know exactly what to expect from your endeavors in order to get the most of these reviews. […]

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In a world where the focus of marketing has shifted significantly to digital, it’s easy to forget the benefits of offsite events. Businesses are constantly being told to promote themselves online by engaging their customers through social media and maintaining an active presence on search results. This is all true, […]

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Starting an ecommerce business isn’t as complicated as you may think. Whether you are looking to make hefty profits or some money on the side, there are plenty of opportunities to do both on the internet. Here’s some advice on where to begin and what you will need to start […]

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Yes! The competition has a blog on their websites and just this one reason alone makes it necessary for everyone to do it. The only reason why people would not want to do this is if they are going to have an ineffective, useless blog. Since no one wants to […]

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Anyone who enters the world of market research is always struck by the amount of jargon involved in labeling different processes. If you’re new to market research – or wish to explain some key marketing processes to clients – then you should find this brief glossary of key phrases useful! […]

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