Seems that nowadays everyone and their brother is jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Just a few short years ago, blogs were a fairly new way to carve out a presence on the internet, but since then the market has become saturated with blogs on every topic you can imagine, and […]

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Ok, so you spend a lot of time thinking up of great ideas to write brilliant blog posts on, and then you spend even more time marketing your blog. The sad truth is that after all this effort you put into getting relevant traffic to your blog, you probably are […]

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A blog carnival is a collection of links to blog posts from various blogs focused on a certain topic. A blog owner will write a blog post linking to posts that cover the topic of that carnival, usually accompanied with a small description so visitors can get an idea about […]

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WordPress is an amazing blogging platform, and most bloggers love it. While WordPress has done everything it can to make its system intuitive and fast, there are many users that are unaware of the keyboard shortcuts available to them. These shortcuts make it much easier to create a post, and […]

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Yes! The competition has a blog on their websites and just this one reason alone makes it necessary for everyone to do it. The only reason why people would not want to do this is if they are going to have an ineffective, useless blog. Since no one wants to […]

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Blogging is one of the ways you can get others engaged in what you like. When you start out with a blog make sure to know exactly what you want it to be about. Making it about something specific gives you a niche in the blogosphere and allows others to […]

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An efficient writing process that results in quality work is difficult to achieve—especially for writers who are procrastinators, perfectionists, or just easily distracted. And who doesn’t fall into at least one of those categories? But don’t worry if you do. There are certain keys to making your writing process go […]

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One of the greatest challenges facing writers, particularly daily writers, is coming up with fresh content that will grab the reader’s attention. When you’re on a roll, the ideas are flowing and your creativity is at peak levels. But what happens when you feel like you’ve exhausted all your ideas, […]

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Google is playing a war game with SEOs for quite some time. Seems now they made a big hit. The latest Panda and especially Penguin updates made millions of man hours link-building work going down the drain. While the updates are far from perfect and lots of honest webmasters have […]

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