7 of the Coolest Under-the-Radar Internet Business Start-Ups

7 of the Coolest Under-the-Radar Internet Business Start-Ups 2 Comments

Internet Business Start-UpsYou don’t need a business degree or an MBA to learn about the latest and greatest innovations on the Internet. If you are looking for inspiration for your own Internet endeavors, check out this list of the coolest under the radar startups.


Vimeo co-founder Jake Lodwick recently raised $1.5 million dollars to start a new web venture. So what exactly is Elepath? Well, he doesn’t know yet. Lodwick that believes in order to create something great, you need the right team.

With the innovative minds working on developing new creative web ventures, Elepath might turn into the next Vimeo, CollegeHumor, or Pummelvision—all ventures Lodwick had a hand in creating.


Popset is a social networking experience that lets you share photos with those around you to tell a collective story. Whether you are at a wedding, conference, or our barhopping, you and those around you can create and “Popset”—a place to post and share all of the photos collected at the location. Popset hopes to take location based social networking to the next level.


Online shopping has been part of our everyday lives since the Internet became widely available. Everline provides a twist to the notion that it’s cheaper to buy goods online. Everline sells designer quality clothing for under $100. Everline comes up with its own designs, seeks out the best manufacturers in the world, and then sells the clothes through its own label. Members can gain access to a new collection every month.


OneReceipt is a website as simple as it’s name—it keeps all of your receipts in one place. Once your sign up, OneReceipt will pull all of your electronic receipts into one place for easy budgeting and organization. You can also add paper receipts to your collection by taking a photo of the receipt and then emailing it to your OneReceipt account. OneReceipt will also warn you when a return period is about to expire.


Percolate combines your Twitter and RSS feeds with the goal of finding interesting content for you. Much like how Netflix recommends movies to see based on your tastes, Percolate goes through all of the white noise of your various feeds to find the information that is most relevant to you. Percolate is still in the early beta stages, but you can still request an invite.


Readability takes the best of Instapaper and Read It Later and combines them into one easy to use service. Readability transforms online articles riddled with banner ads and other links into a clean and easy to read user experience. You also have the option to change the font size or background color to better suit your eyes. You can send articles to read on your Amazon Kindle. Readability is releasing an iPhone and iPad app soon, so expect to read across all of your devices in the near future.

Infrographics have become a common tool used to explain complicated concepts with a lot of data. hopes to be the destination for your infographic needs. A team of reporters, researchers, and designers work together to create the infographics to best explain complicated data.

As you can see, a little creativity and a lot of technical know-how can result in some of the coolest Internet ventures, but an online business degree wouldn’t hurt your chances at success, either.

[box]Written by Jessica Reedy

Jessica Reedy graduated with a degree in Journalism and is now living and working in Washington, D.C. On her spare time she freelance writes on career opportunities, business degree programs and other business management tips.[/box]


  1. Thanks so much for introducing these businesses BEFORE they get popular. I am always interested in getting in on ground levels on start ups. To me it is interesting following the way they are growing.

  2. None of the above geniuses are know to me! May be this is why I think people who express creative ideas are less likely to be identified! Thanks for the inspiring content.

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