5 Mistakes That Happen When Building A New Blog

5 Mistakes That Happen When Building A New Blog 6 Comments

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Blogging MistakesThe world of blogging is an exciting place. It holds the potential for opening up so many new opportunities.

However, whether you are a personal blogger wanting to share stories of your life or a commercialized blog owner representing a product or business, you are likely to face many hurdles in the beginning.

Blogs exist on the promise of readership; if you are unable to build a following of readers, your blog will be worthless.

The most common mistakes that are made by new bloggers affect their viewership in drastic ways – they hardly get any readers at all!

So what mistakes happen commonly when building a new blog?

Focusing On Everything Other Than Content

This cannot be stressed enough – compromising on content will give you nothing in return. Sometimes new bloggers feel that if they employ SEO methods and use appropriate keywords to get them higher search rankings, it will be enough for viewership. But having loyal readers who keep coming back to your blog, and those who click on your link just because it comes up in search engines are two different things.

Did you know that ranking algorithms also take into account things such as how long a viewer remains on a web page?

With useless content, they won’t stay for more than a few seconds, and your rankings will ultimately fall. Spending too much time on designing your blog pages is a waste if there is nothing on them that people would want to read.

Work on content first and leave design for the end.

Being A Lazy Blogger

Some bloggers are revved up when they start their blog, but lose steam very quickly and are soon posting according to a lazy schedule of once a month or every few months. Without being consistent and having set times on which to post, readers are likely to lose interest because it seems the owner isn’t much interested himself; regularly updated blogs score more subscribers and loyal readers.

Not Using Social Media As The Powerful Tool It Is

In the beginning your blog will mainly be supported by people you know, so not using social media to that end is a big mistake. If your friends and family members spread your blog in a non-spammy manner it can help give your blog a solid platform and interested social contacts will visit it and help spread it; some may stick around as permanent readers, who knows?

Creating An Unattractive, Ad-Ridden Blog

Unless you have some highly important information to post on your blog that people will be dying to access, making a blog that is covered in ads and is hard to read is an instant put-off technique. Don’t use neon colors that jar the eyes, or have your font color blend in with the background so that it becomes unintelligible.

If ads cover every available space around your content, it seems desperate and cluttered and a reader will quickly become uncomfortable. Go for a clean, professional layout, or stick to a few colors in a casual blog, not the entire rainbow.

Being An Introvert In The Blogosphere

New bloggers need to make their presence felt and there is no better way than interacting with other blogs especially those directly pertaining to their own blog’s purpose. Visiting other blogs, leaving comments, responding to comments on your own blog and paying back a visit to those who view your page – these are things an unsuccessful new blogger does. Be honest and polite and don’t hesitate to leave a link of your blog when you comment somewhere in a non-creepy or forceful manner.

Trying to get readers for your blog can be a frustrating process but it is not impossible; it just requires a lot of determination and hard work. Hopefully new blog owners can avoid making these mistakes and get closer to attaining their goals more quickly.

This is a guest post by Ehab Attia who loves to write on various topics. If you would like to know more about Best skills for building new blog or the best colleges, I encourage you to visit

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This post was written by a guest author, if you are interested in contributing on Opportunities Planet visit the write for us page!


  1. Hey Ehab Attia,
    really refreshing to read all your well detailed info on how to blog better and be successful.. I need all the help I can get and your post really helped me a lot.

    Thanks for sharing with Love.

  2. The biggest thing a newbie can do to fail is not providing content and not engaging. Actively engaging even without expecting a return comment is hard work, but it does pay off eventually.

  3. Hi Ehab,

    Great points to mention, a research by Hotspot shows that blogs that have posts frequently and on schedule will generate at least 5 times the traffic it would if posting randomly and with time gap. Also Social media is an important tool to build your blog brand and online presence, its becoming more important after recent Google Penguin update since it’s a great source of generating traffic, bloggers should concentrate more on social media specially if they get hit by Google Penguin update.

  4. Ehab Attia, thanks for this useful content.

    Kostas you are remarkable with location this article. It helps more people than you think. I have found that many do not even understand the importance of responding to each comment left. It doesn’t matter if a couple of days pass by just get it done.

    The valid point is upkeep. Me being the only one managing my site is great. I enjoy making sure that my articles go out mostly weekly. Being a part of a great passionate supporting group which share the love of visits. Makes more sense to newbies and will help you see what the hot topics of the week is. You just build on that and write with emotion will keep people seeing your being transparent.

    Thanks Kosta for supporting so many people out here. I love monitoring your growth and look forward to many more insightful articles to come.

  5. Hello Ehab Attia,

    I think you stressed an important point that got my attention. You know, too many people really think that building a successful blog is all about monetization. But in the hearth of it, a successful blog is all about quality and top quality content. And this is specifically where a lot of bloggers get it wrong and fail in the tail end.

    I believe you gave a proper stress to how to make a blog successful. Blogger should concentrate more on delivering top quality unique content if they must see success and earn search engines’ respect at the tail end.
    I will not fail to thank my dear Kostas for placing this article here where his readers especially new bloggers can have tons of priceless resources to go with.


  6. Great points Kostas!

    There is nothing worse than a lazy blogger. One has to decide how much time they have in their schedule to blog. Once a week couldn’t kill ya lol
    But consistency is the key. No matter what, if you are a blogger, you need to post on a consistent basis.

    Also, good to see that you brought out the point of the introvert blogger. I found that by leaving comments alone, brought more people to my blog. And of course, let us not forget the social media platform.

    We need to put our blogs on all the social sites and also respond to other peoples blogs. This brings closer connections to others by engagement. When that starts – people really get to know you, and you them. So much can happen from that. From just being friends to kick around ideas with to joint ventures or business partnerships.

    Thanks Again,

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