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3 Things About Your Blog People Hate

September 1, 2012 · 19 comments

in Blogging

why they hate your blogOk, so you spend a lot of time thinking up of great ideas to write brilliant blog posts on, and then you spend even more time marketing your blog. The sad truth is that after all this effort you put into getting relevant traffic to your blog, you probably are immediately losing a huge chunk of the traffic because some of the aspects of your blog are annoying. Here are a few things people really hate about blogs.


There is no reason why you should have popups. There are better ways to make money from your blog, that will annoy your audience a lot less. If I see a blog with any popups, I immediately feel that it is unprofessional and I generally tend to leave ASAP.

The only semi acceptable kind of popups are the ones that ask for you to subscribe via email. I personally stay away from these as well because I think these are just as annoying if not more. However, they do drastically increase your subscription rate.

One way to use these popups without losing too much new traffic is by only showing them to returning visitors. If you keep from displaying the subscription popup to search engine traffic and social media traffic (people who are generally finding you for the first time), you will have a much lower bounce rate, not to mention, once they already like you a little bit and decide to return to your site on their own, you are much more likely get them to subscribe anyways.

Not Being Sharable

This is just bad manners at this point. There is nothing people hate more than not being able to easily find social media sharing buttons. This is the age of the social media people. If you still do not have easily visible share buttons, you not only look unprofessional, but you are also hurting yourself. Why go through all the trouble of creating great content and then keep people from telling their friends about it.

We are naturally social creatures, so if we find something that is even a little interesting, we want to tell others about it, and on the net we do this by sharing, liking or tweeting about it. Let your content work for you. If you are using WordPress, the simplest way to do this is by getting Sharebar. I suggest taking it a step further and getting a social media monitoring tool to help you get even more out of your content.

Using Multimedia

But wait, isn’t multimedia a good thing? Yes, it is and it can definitely help make your content more enjoyable but if you use it the wrong way, it can end up hurting you.

Auto playing videos of any kind. These are just annoying, especially if you have already seen the video. Now every time you go back to that page to see someone’s reply to your comment or reread some content, you have this really annoying video immediately playing. Trying to force visitors to watch something like this will only make them leave.

Too much clutter. Even if you thought everything through and it is all there for a reason, having too many animations, images, videos and widgets will only annoy the visitors. It shouldn’t take someone more than 3 seconds to understand what is happening on the page. If you have great content but you have a high bounce rate then maybe it’s time to take a few things down. When it comes to web design, less is generally more.

Heavy media. By this I mean anything that takes too long to load and in turn slows down your page as a whole. This is perhaps the biggest no-no. If your page is taking more than five seconds to load, most people won’t stick around to find out what is going to show up. Speed up your site and you start getting many more returning visitors.

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