Local searches are essential for many online businesses to thrive. Rather than focusing on a large and generic international audience from the get go, many online startups have to focus on a local customer base to find their footing. Local searches are now an integral part of Google search results. […]

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Image source: freepik Probably every marketer out there understands the importance of integrating email campaigns into their company’s overall marketing strategy. In the digital world we live in, a strong email list has been proven a number of times as an extremely beneficial way for businesses to increase sales leads […]

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Oh Emails. So old, yet so good! Just a few decades ago postal services dominated the world and we could only wish for emails, but today, they are on equal footage with chat or a cellphone! Email is the oldest way of online interaction we use. Although there are a […]

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If you haven’t considered yet mobile marketing as a part of your marketing then you certainly need to reconsider. See what you can do to get the most of mobiles

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Ecommerce has simplified the world for many of us, easing the consumer shopping experience by leaps and bounds. Thanks to ecommerce, a vast variety of goods and services are readily available with the touch of a button. For consumers, it’s easier to research competitors and hunt for the best prices. […]

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Are you struggling to attract attention to all of the awesome content on your blog? Are you, like other bloggers, finding that sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ just isn’t enough? Well, luckily for you, this post will provide you with some creative ways to promote your blog […]

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In order for someone to open an e-mail and to be interested in its content, you need a subject line that is eye-catching and one that will grab your attention. Knowing what to put in your subject line is a cleverness you will develop over the years. However, it is […]

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Interactivity is what marketing is about since pretty much all of use social networks. Pretty much all of the most successful social media campaigns relied on input from social media followers. Here are just a few – the best of the best of 2013: Heineken Departure Rulette Imagine this scenario: […]

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The fact that no one wants to admit in public is that content marketing can be hard, really hard, so-hard-it-will-actually-discourage-you hard. And getting started is the toughest challenge of them all. But don’t worry, I’m not saying all this to make you scared of trying it out. Once you get moving forward and have your initial campaign behind you, things start to get a lot more straightforward and much clearer.

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