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The benefits of affiliate marketing to promote your online store

The benefits of affiliate marketing to promote your online store 7 Comments

Affiliate marketing is a technique of marketing which allows both the affiliate and owner to benefit. This is an online marketing strategy in which the affiliate marketer hosts links on his website which redirects the users to the owners’ website. The affiliate marketers use the pay per click service and in turn, the store owners get traffic. All the major online marketing strategies require the use of affiliate marketing to speed up the process and generate a targeted audience.
There are many benefits of affiliate marketing. A mutual benefit process in which neither party is at any risk, the following are a few benefits for your online store using affiliate marketing.


No Risk

The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that there is no risk. It does not involve any pre-payments so there is no chance of a loss. These affiliate marketing services use the pay per click services, which mean that unless a visitor clicks the link to visit the owner’s website, the owner does not have to pay anything. When the user clicks the link or ad on the marketer’s website, he/she is redirected to the store. The owner of the store only pays for the traffic that comes on his/her website through the affiliate marketer.


More Traffic

If the affiliate marketer is a good one then you can expect more traffic on your website. For example, if you use Google Adwords, your e-store would be advertised on the high ranked and leading websites. These websites are usually visited by thousands of people every day. Out of those thousands, a few hundred are bound to click on the link and come to your store. If you use several affiliate marketers then your store is bound to get a lot of traffic and you will generate more income. For a high volume of traffic, it is advised that you go for a better marketer.


Less Time

Affiliate marketing takes less time to spread the word. If you choose the right marketers your marketing campaign will be done within no time. As there are no risks involved, you could hire as many marketers you want, the more people working for you the less time it will take to reach your target users. The pay per click service throws the ball in your court and you can pull out of the service anytime you see fit. So when you reach your target, you can stop using the affiliate marketer, and hence no extra cost required, you will get what you paid for.


Wide Range of Audience

Another advantage of affiliate marketing for an e-store promotion is the diversity of traffic it generates. The website which is marketing your e-store is not necessarily related to the product, so it is natural that audience coming to your website is going to be interested in other things rather than the particular thing on the advertisement. So the wider range of audience coming to your website, the more you can expand the range of products available in your stock and eventually you generate more money.

[box]Written by Richard Fisher

Richard is a consultant for Magento partners. He helps businesses to leverage their volume of sales online.[/box]


  1. As an affiliate I usually only get paid only if someone purchases a product. Also no-one has ever picked me, I’ve always picked them 😉

    Still, having affiliates promoting a product is always a great idea, especially if they have tried and like the product.

  2. Affiliate marketing is best if you know to sell them. Else they would just be banners and nothing else. It requires some good observation on the Internet to learn affiliate marketing. It will take time, you can surely learn it though.

    This article was good.It gave me a different view of affiliate marketing. keep them coming ..

  3. Great article, which I’m sure people will find useful.

    I have been interested in the past about creating a product and offering an affiliate program to get others to promote it for me but have been a little confused about how to achieve such functionality. Do you have any tips on this?



  4. Making money through affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online as this money making method needs very less amount of time with the minimum risk involved.

  5. Yah.. Aff. Marketing less time to stand but you have to work on it with you niche, so that you can stand. Nicely explained..

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